Tuesday, August 07, 2007


In the past year, I have found some great new restaurants and businesses. Some truly are new, others are just new to me. Either way, I'm happy they exist, and even happier they're close to home!

Brix Wine & Cheese - Quincy, IL - http://www.brixwineandcheese.com/
Main St. Kitchen - Hannibal, MO - http://www.garthmansion.com/msk.html
A great collection of kitchen gadgets, cookware, spices, gifts, etc. at reasonable prices. They also do "effortless entrees."
Quincy Steamboat - Quincy, IL (I can't belive it took me more than a year of living here to find out about this place!)
Literally a house full of kitchen and home goods, plus cooking classes, parties, showers, and more.
Paddlewheel Popcorn & Candy Co. - Hannibal, MO
Try the "Becky Thatcher" . . . yum . . .

Unfortunately, some of the places I discovered (and liked) have closed.

Twainland Cheesecake Co. & Italian Pasta House - Hannibal, MO
I only recently discovered this place . . . and I'm not sure how I'm going to live without the rosemary bread!
Java Jive-Thru - Hannibal, MO
Fortunately, I can still get good coffee drinks at Java Jive's downtown location.
Pirate's Cove - Hannibal, MO

Hannibal's only Beef Backer award winner. Will miss the steaks and the collection of football helmets.


Anonymous said...

Do you happen to know where Lynn Carr went after closing Twainland Cheesecake Co.? My fiancee and I drove up last weekend from St. Louis for the art fair, as we always do, and were devastated to find it closed. :-(

Kenzie said...

No, I don't know . . . but right before they closed her employees said she would be catering and making special order cheesecakes. They said the Twainland Cheesecake number - (573) 221-3355 - would be transferred to her house. Hope that helps!