Monday, August 20, 2007

McKenzie vs. the bread machine, round 2

Due to last night's "wonder bread" experience, I decided to make another loaf of bread this evening to see if I could get one right. I haven't been to the grocery store since returning home from 2 weeks away at the Missouri State Fair, so my options were limited. I did have all the ingredients for the Pumpkin Walnut bread from the cookbook included with the bread machine. Although I'm not quite ready for fall flavors in the August heat, it satisfied my need to try the bread machine again. This particular type of bread used the "quick breads and cakes" cycle on the machine. However, there is nothing "quick" about using this cycle on the bread machine . . . it would have been faster to mix it by hand and bake it in the regular oven.

Once again, I followed the instructions (and even paused the machine to aid in the mixing process four minutes in, as instructed) . . . and once again, the machine produced an inedible little brick of a loaf.

It didn't rise . . . fine, it's a quick bread. But it's not moist and dense either. It's dry and hard. And it tastes like BAD Thanksgiving leftovers. Really bad.

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