Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Gourmet's Pear-Almond Tart

Yes, this is it . . . the "beautiful thing" from Gourmet magazine I've been teasing you about since last week. I made the tart on Saturday (along with the lemon bars, pork chops with apple & sage sauce, and biscuits . . . thank goodness for help from Amanda). Throughout the various stages of preparation, this tart earned several different names . . .
First, "High Maintenance Tart," because it had so many steps and the preparation seemed a bit fussy. Second, "Supermodel Tart," due to its high-maintenance status, but with the promise of astounding beauty. Third, "Punk" . . . when the crust misbehaved. Fourth, "We-should-have-read-the-instructions-before-starting-this" tart, because then we would have realized that the recipe clearly stated it would take four hours from start to finish. Fifth "Quadruple-Baked Tart," as it required a return trip to the oven after every step of preparation.
Finally, it came out of the oven and we snapped a quick picture before we sliced into our masterpiece. We didn't get to try it right away because I had to get to a basketball game and Amanda headed home with her portion. Based on the appearance of our creation, at this point it became "Gourmet magazine obviously has staff with baking skills - or photoshop skills - that greatly exceed ours" tart.

So how did it taste? I'm probably not the best person to ask. It was certainly good, but I think I was a little jaded by the 4-hour prep time. I was expecting something spectacular. I ate one slice, Ken ate a couple. We shared the rest with his parents and brothers on Sunday. Today, his mom asked me for the recipe for "That other pie," meaning not my signature apple pie, but the pear-almond tart with multiple names. And she's not really into lots of new recipes. So apparently, four hours excluded, it was really delicious.

If you find yourself with time on your hands and want to try it, the recipe is on the Gourmet website. There is also a picture of the tart, so you can see how Gourmet makes it look so beautiful.

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