Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What's Cooking?

Last week, I posted a short blip about what I was planning to cook . . . so if you're paying attention, you might wonder what happened to the white chili and the guacamole cilantro lime cheeseburgers.

I made the white chili for lunch on Friday. It was fine, kind of like tortilla soup without any tomatoes.

I didn't make the guac-cilantro-lime burgers. Our four-legged foodie friend apparently thought it would be cool to try an avocado . . . I didn't get a picture of this stunt, but here is a picture of Piper in her favorite hangout . . . the back of the couch . . .

What's cooking this week? Who knows! I know I'm going to make an apple pie, and I have a few friends visiting Saturday who have started building the case for another batch of focaccia. Other than that, I need to take inventory to see what I need to use.

Oh, I'm also looking for some really good soup recipes - so if you have one, post a comment or e-mail me, please!

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