Monday, September 15, 2008

Peanut Butter Cup Brownies

I made these peanut butter cup brownies to take to the football game last Friday night. There is a tradition of tailgating for high school football games in our small town. The weather - and the team's performance - left a lot to be desired, but at least we had some good food!

This is a "no recipe" post. Simply prepare your favorite brownies (either from a recipe or a mix), bake them in muffin pans, and insert a peanut butter cup during the last 5 minutes of baking. Yum!

Post script: Be creative with this! Use other bite-sized candies . . . or bake the brownies in a regular pan and "tile" the top with squares of Ghirardelli chocolate (the peanut butter-filled squares are good for this!) . . . oh, and if you must use a brownie mix, use either the Barefoot Contessa brownie mix or a Ghirardelli brownie mix (widely available in grocery stores, even here in rural Missouri).


Megan said...

These look sooo good!!!

Emily said...

Thanks for your comment on my site, you're site looks awesome and so do these brownies I think I'm going to have to make them I just bought some peanut butter cups.

Laura said...

approx how long does it take to cookie the brownies in the muffin size?

McKenzie said...

Megan - thanks, I wish you were closer . . I'd make some for you (a healthier version, of course)!

Emily - Thank you! Your site is awesome, too!

Laura - I didn't time it exactly, but I think about 25 minutes (so maybe anywhere between 20 and 30, depending on your brownie recipe and your oven). If you make these and time it, let me know how long yours took!