Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Healthy Chocolate Cake?

Would you believe me if I told you this cake was good for you? Well, believe it - it is GOOD for you. Not just a little better than your average chocolate cake - actually good for you (and after the sugar-high inducing Sweet 100 in the last post, good-for-you is much needed around here)!

First, let me give you the background on this cake. It is made from a mix from Wellness Bakeries (as is the "ganache"). It was a sample my boss got at work; I was tasked with baking it and bringing it in for a taste test.

Per serving, this cake has:
  • Fewer grams of sugar than a quarter of an apple
  • More protein than a scrambled egg
  • More antioxidant power than 6 cups of blueberries
  • More fiber than a bowl of bran flakes
  • Fewer calories than a serving of yogurt
Sounds healthy, right? Now to the really important part - how did it taste? I'll start by saying - it's really good! But it does make a difference at which point you find out it is a "healthy" chocolate cake. If you tasted it before finding out, you'd probably think it was okay - maybe not the richest or most flavorful chocolate cake ever, but not too bad. If you knew it was healthy before you tasted it, you would be amazed how good it tastes, especially considering the nutritional benefits.

So why am I bragging about this healthy cake? I'm not sure - I guess it just surprises me that a piece of cake that is better for me than yogurt, bran flakes, an egg, an apple, and blueberries actually tastes good! I'm not an affiliate of Wellness Bakeries. In fact, I've never met or talked to the Wellness Bakeries people; I'm definitely not getting any credit for telling you about this cake. It's just interesting. Somewhere on the Wellness Bakeries website, I read that they are developing more mixes, including gluten free.

I hope we will start carrying it at work (healthy chocolate cake would be a great finish to a grass-fed steak dinner, no?).

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Step Right Up said...

Thanks for the Wellness link. We've recently switched to organic/all natural/grass fed beef/free range chicken in our household and generally trying to eat healthier.