Friday, January 18, 2008

Cookbook Feature: The Food You Crave

I have recently become a fan of Ellie Kreiger, whose show "Healthy Appetite" is on the Food Network. I used to watch Paula, Giadia, and Ina religiously; now it's Ellie. Her food always looks delicious, and her emphasis is on lightened recipes and health without sacrificing that deliciousness. As much as I've come to appreciate her Food Network show, it is not nearly as wonderful as her new cookbook - The Food You Crave.

I have been stalking this book. I bought it last night, two whole days after it was released (good self-restraint, don't you think?). When I got home, I promptly flagged all the recipes I can't wait to make, and calculated the points for each. Almost every recipe in the book sounds/looks good (except the fish/seafood, but that is only because I don't eat either); I actually ran out of page flags. The layout and pictures are good, the recipes seem easy to follow, and it includes lots of tips and useful information. Chapters include:
Nibbles & Noshes
Soups & Sandwiches
Main & Side Salads
Pasta, Pizza & Grains
The Main Course

I haven't decided what the first recipe I try will be, but here are some of the top contenders:
Pumpkin Pie Muffins
Grilled Zucchini Roll-Ups with Herbs & Cheese
Devilish Eggs
Beef & Mushroom Barley Soup
Savory Chinese Chicken Salad
Portobello Lasagna Rollups
Macaroni & Four Cheeses
Cowboy Steak with Coffee and Ancho Rub
Pork Medallions with Cherry Sauce
Parmesan Mashed Potatoes
Garlic Fries
Triple Chocolate Cookies

I think I better go to the grocery store and stock up. Looks like I'm going to be busy cooking this weekend!

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FJK said...

I've been kind of aware of her, but not very focused on her food or recipes. You make her food sound wonderful, I'll have to check her out.