Thursday, January 10, 2008

An Exciting (Food) Day

Today was an exciting day, food-wise, at Kenzie's Kitchen. Last night, I bought Canyon Ranch Cooks, which I'll introduce you to in a separate post. I looked through it at lunch today, making notes about which recipes I plan to try first. After lunch, the FedEx guy rang the doorbell with our shipment from US Wellness Meats - pork chops, ham slices, bacon (without nitrates), chicken-apple sausage, beef tri-tip steaks, My House Salt, and raw honey. Although we (Ken, more than me) have known the founder of US Wellness Meats for a long time, this is the first time we've ordered from their website. We ordered more pork than anything else since we have our own beef in the freezer . . . but I did want to sample the tri-tips, a cut we don't have . . . and grass-fed beef has some unique health benefits (compared to grain-fed beef).

Finally, Piper and I are having a "girls night" tonight. I made her homemade dog treats (which I found at Kayte's Kitchen) and we're getting ready to watch Grey's Anatomy. (And yes. . . one of them is shaped like a crown . . . because she is a princess . . . but don't tell Ken!)

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