Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Me too

Yes, that's right . . . I'm joining millions of other people . . . my New Year's resolution is to lose weight. Counting points, Weight Watchers-style, is what I'm going to do. I didn't start today though. We had company I wanted to cook for, and leftovers from last night's Southern-themed dinner. However, I have started an important project to help us reach this goal - compiling recipes with nutritional values and calculating the points. Many of the recipes thus far have come from Cooking Light and Eating Well.

I have also calculated points values for some of the packaged foods we have around the house - Graham crackers, trail mix, Luna bars, rice, etc. Oh . . . and I have also moved all the dessert mix-type stuff out of the pantry cabinet. I haven't decided where to go with it yet, maybe to a storage container in the garage or extra bedroom. I know, it's kind of drastic . . . but at least when I'm contemplating what to make for dinner, I won't be choosing from a Barefoot Contessa brownie mix or Stonewall Kitchen lemon bundt cake mix. Or Heath toffee bits, butter toffee pecans, Tastefully Simple Ugly Cake mix . . . you get the point.
So wish me luck, and in exchange I'll post the recipes I cook, complete with points values.

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