Friday, January 11, 2008

Blog Problems

I had trouble with the RSS feed on Kenzie's Kitchen . . . and in trying to fix it, created a whole host of new problems. I had to remove several recent posts and pictures (apparently typing in Word and pasting into Blogger is a REALLY bad idea). I'm in the process of adding the posts and pictures back.

If you subscribe using RSS, you need to delete the old info and click on the "subscribe" logo in the top right to re-subscribe. Sorry for the inconvenience!

The silver lining to this little problem is this: while I was learning how to fix the RSS problem, I also (finally) learned how to change the colors and do some other fun things!

1 comment:

Lane said...

The best thing to do for posting into Blogger is copy from word into Notepad then into blogger...when you pull things into Notepad it removes any bad html coding and formatting