Thursday, July 10, 2008

Birthday "Cake" and Funny Stories

My husband made me dinner last night for my birthday . . . including this birthday cake. Although it looks strangely familiar to brownies, make no mistakes - this is a CAKE! (I did refer to it as "brownies" once, and was reminded that it was my birthday CAKE . . . either way, it was good!)

Apparently when he was buying the candles the clerk at the store struck up a conversation with him and asked him who was turning 72; he thought it was hysterical. I look at this picture and 27 seems kind of old . . . I'm definitely not ready for 72!

Speaking of funny stories, I will share with you why I no longer have time to update my blog often: I cannot stop reading the hilarious stories on the Postcards From Yo Momma website! If you need a good laugh, it is definitely the place to go!

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