Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Creative Kitchen Storage

Do you have enough kitchen storage? If you answer 'yes,' I'll be shocked . . . it seems that very, very few people have enough storage space in their kitchen. So, sometimes we just have to be creative.

I don't devote a lot of time to devising creative kitchen storage ideas . . . and I've certainly not spent any time preparing to blog about it. However, tonight as I was prepping some chocolate chip cookies, I realized that a few of my kitchen storage methods are a bit . . . unusual. For example, I have a green vase on my counter. It coordinates with the green in my kitchen and living/great room. I bought it thinking I would fill it with flowers or twigs and find a place for it in the great room. But my counter needed a little shot of color, so that's where it ended up. And before long, it was put to use . . .

as a place to store seldom used (and too tall) kitchen utensils . . .And then there is the chocolate storage . . . an iced tea box. It fits nicely in the top of one of my cabinets. When I'm baking (or having a chocolate craving), I just pull the box down from the shelf and instantly have access to my entire collection of chocolate. I'm thinking of adding another box for cocoa powder, etc. - because this one has clearly reached its capacity!

While you're waiting to win the lottery and build a dream kitchen, save those tea boxes . . . they can really come in handy!

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