Tuesday, July 01, 2008


It's wheat harvest time, which marks the end of normal meals as we know them. When my husband gets in from the farm and I get in from the garden, etc. (well after dark) -it's all we can do to have a sandwich, salad, or bowl of cereal. Nothing blog-worthy, for sure.

Apparently wheat harvest also marks the end of other good things. . .
The Busy Bistro (our favorite restaurant in Quincy) closed last Friday and the little grocery store in town quit selling glass bottled milk from a local dairy. Clearly, these things are not actually related to wheat harvest, but they did coincide with the timing. I'm bummed.

We did have a nice, causal dinner on our deck Saturday night (before wheat harvest madness began) - BBQ chicken drumsticks, green bean gremolata (recipe coming soon), salad, French bread, and chocolate marscapone cupcakes.

Until wheat harvest is over - or until it rains - we'll be enjoying our fast and easy late night meals (I'll try to make something fun for the 4th of July).

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Emiline said...

Mmm...chocolate mascarpone cupcakes. I want!